What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is something that works for completing your desired task in the web world. Or suppose any brand or business wants visitors to complete a specific task like make a purchase, tap on the link, subscribe to a channel, register on websites. In that case, it’s called CRO or conversion rate optimization.

CRO is essential for any business because having a website is devoted to selling, or every business has a specific goal for a website. So, more people visit the website better for business.

Every business needs to understand their customer. As we are talking about CRO, it is also important that a brand need to understand user behaviour and needs. You need to understand what keeps your customers purchasing on your website. Or what thing makes them take your service and product.

You have to take care that you use to give a good experience to your customer on the website and social media. This will help your business to boost and give your service a higher conversion rate.

How to calculate a website conversion rate?

Calculating a business conversation rate is important because, in that way, we will get to know the actual condition of the business. How many people are taking action? 

We calculate CRO as the number of taking actions in a website divided by the total number of visitors to the website. And then multiply this derived thing to 100. In this way, you will get a % of your conversion rate.

The average conversion rate comes between 1% to 4%. But this is important because every website and audience is different.

It is essential to focus on your target audience and know what your audience can like and what makes them purchase. You can improve your CRO by taking care of these things.

Best way to get CRO?

It is not easy to understand the pain point of people, but for a good conversion rate, you have to work on this. To bring better results in CRO, get to know what can give your overnight audience.

Though it is not easy to boost your conversion rate working hard is key to success. You have to know what makes your customer buy and what solution they need in their daily life.

Here is something that you must work on to increase your CRO

  • Having a clear CTA gives your customer clarity.
  • Work on strategy every month to know what’s working or what’s not.
  • Not much form fills in website, keep an email newsletter.
  • Bold colored CTA to take attention from customers.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly website.


A good conversation rate is the focus of every business, and every business wants higher customers. But we all know it is not easy to purchase, so here CRO comes to the rescue. It will help to improve your selling history.